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Classroom Technology

Keep students focused on lessons using technology in the classroom. A presentation system featuring a TV or projector, sound system, and microphones are a great investment in your school. Genius AVS has the perfect solutions for integrating tech in the classrooms. 
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Keep an eye on the safety of your students. CCTV is necessary for schools, and active monitoring is more important now than ever before. A CCTV system from Genius AVS will help staff secure their building in the event of a school emergency. CCTV will also act as a deterrence, preventing students from commiting crimes while on school property.

Digital Signage

Inform students of activities in your school. Use digital signage to give directions to visitors. No matter what you may need digital signage for, Genius AVS has a solution for you. Digital signage grabs students' and visitors' attention, allowing you to effectively spread your message.
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